Technox Machine’s Open Die Forging Services

As one of the largest complete machine shops in the Chicago area we believe it is important to offer our customers a versatile shop that can meet all of their needs. One area we stand out in is our capabilities to handle large machining projects, including open die forging rough and finish machining services.

Open die forging is a process that progressively works the starting stock into the desired shape and as the name implies the metal is not confined laterally by impression dies during forging but rather is worked between flat-faced dies. This forging process is ideal for large metal components as the size capability is only limited by the size of the starting stock. Open die forging can create standard shapes such as round, square, rectangular, and hexagonal bars as well as more complex parts such as contour-formed metal shells.

At Technox Machine our rough machining and finishing machining capabilities allow us to handle open die forging and fabricate big parts for our customers. Additionally, because we provide our services in-house we are able to maintain control over our processes, which gives us the ability to do production runs as well as custom or shorter runs.

To learn more about our rough and finish machining services, visit our website. We are also active on Twitter and LinkedIn where we post more company updates and industry news.

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The Benefits of the US Shale Boom

It seems every day there is some news about the US shale boom. The new hydraulic fracturing technology has allowed the US to experience resurgence in the oil industry which is being carried over to other sectors. One industry that is experiencing a direct benefit is the wastewater management sector. Hydraulic fracturing requires the use of large volumes of water which means that wastewater management companies are developing new solutions for the oil and gas industry.

One possible solution is the centralization of wastewater management which could help the industry be more efficient with managing water sourcing and water treatment. Companies have also developed products that can help reach low-quality water that is buried deep in aquifers. The technology can take this low-quality, brine laden water and upgrade it to be used in fracking. Wastewater management researchers are also looking into technology that can clean the wastewater that results from hydraulic fracturing, which addresses several current issues, including transporting the water, eliminating the need for disposals sites, and addressing concerns about wastewater wells.

At Technox Machine we are always watching the latest news surrounding the oil and gas and will continue follow the industry. To find out how we can help the oil and gas industry, visit our website. We also post more news about the oil and gas industry on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Technox Machine Adds New Inspection Room

At Technox Machine we’re always working to provide our customers with the highest quality machined parts and to ensure we continually meet the needs of our clients we have added a new inspection room. The new room is air-temperature controlled, approximately 500 square feet, and features all new measuring equipment which allows us to offer full in-house calibration services and measuring machines for finished parts. This will help us make sure we are providing our customers with products that are made to their requirements.

The new inspection room helps us to round out our versatile machine shop which also includes horizontal boring and CNC horizontal boring, horizontal, vertical and CNC turning, planning milling and CNC vertical milling, as well assembly, welding, and repair services.

To learn more about all our services, visit our website. We are also active on Twitter and LinkedIn where we post more company updates as well as industry news.

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Technox Machine Receives ISO Certification

At Technox Machine we are happy to announce that we have received our ISO 9001:2008 certification. ISO certifications are developed by International Organizations for Standardization, which help businesses to optimize operations that can lead to cost savings, improved efficiency, and better customer service.

The ISO 9001:2008 certification sets out the requirements of the quality management system and focuses on providing strong customer service, motivation and implication of top management, and continual improvement. Our company had to perform an internal audit to review our quality management system and received certification from an independent auditor. This new ISO certification allows us to ensure that our quality checks remain high and that our clients are always receiving a quality product.

In addition to our ISO certification we encourage our customers to fill out our Customer Satisfaction form, which helps us make sure we are continually providing our clients with the best customer service possible. To learn more about our machining services, visit our website and be sure to follow us on Twitter to receive more Technox Machine updates and industry news.

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Plastic Packaging Expected to Continue Path of Growth

Within the packaging sector, there are numerous materials and processes that go into a finished product design. Every so often, we notice trends taking shape in the industry. Currently, many reports point to an increase in demand for plastic packaging.

In particular, Packaging Buzz reported on research conducted by Smithers Pira that identified the PET packaging market as one primed for growth. As it stands, the market is worth about $48 billion. This number is expected to rise about 4.6% annually over the next five years, amounting to approximately $60 billion by 2019 if demand continues its projected track.

According to the report, PET bottles have been growing in popularity for a number of years thanks to their durability, convenience, and ease of handling. Many people drink out of these bottles on a daily basis as they consume bottled water, soft drinks, sports drinks, and other ready-made beverages. In fact, the report found that in 2013, 80% of beverages sold were packed in PET bottles.

But bottles aren’t the only packaging trend picking up steam lately. More and more, we’re seeing food and beverage products packed in pouches. Demand for this flexible packaging variety is considerably less than for PET bottles, but with growth projections at 4.6% per year, the market is expected to reach $9.4 billion by 2018.

Some of the popularity associated with pouches can be attributed to the diversity of applications. For example, many snack foods, such as candies and nuts, are now commonly packaged in re-sealable stand-up pouches. Baby foods and apple sauces are also being packed in pouches lately. And in the non-food arena, dissolvable pouches for laundry detergents are becoming more common thanks to their greater sustainability.

With these trends in mind, it will be interesting to see what other applications and developments enter the plastic packaging industry. We’ll continue to share updates as we see them. To stay on top of the latest plastic packaging news, feel free to follow Technox Machine on Twitter.

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Growing Popularity of Natural Gas Highlights Greater Need for Infrastructure and Capacity

barrels,boom,clouds,commodities,drills,energy,fotolia,gasolines,industry,natural resources,oils,prosperity,pumpjack,resources,riches,silhouettes,sunsetsNatural gas is increasingly becoming a major contender in the race to supply domestic energy in the United States. Natural gas is favored for its numerous benefits, most notably its position as the cleanest fossil fuel we know of. Burning natural gas releases fewer greenhouse gases and particulates into the air than other sources of fuel. It is also widely used in other alternative energy applications, including the production of ethanol, hydrogen, electric power generation, and more.

But the benefits of natural gas can only be fully realized when there is sufficient infrastructure to support its creation and transportation. For this reason, many people are calling for increased investment in natural gas infrastructure and capacity in the United States. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has been a vocal supporter of adding natural gas transmission lines in New England. That region in particular has a great need for natural gas, as it provides residential heating in addition to running power plants that supply electricity.

Natural gas infrastructure can vary depending on the type of gas used – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) – as well as the application. LNG stations are similar to traditional gas stations, and require less equipment than their CNG counterparts. But for both LNG and CNG, there are different filling options depending on application.

According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, there are two options for CNG filling – fast-fill and time-fill. Fast-fill is usually the choice for retail stations, while large fleets that have the ability to refuel overnight are more likely to use time-fill. LNG refueling has three options – mobile, containerized, and customized large stations. The main difference between the three options is the mobility and capacity of LNG storage available.

As natural gas becomes more prevalent in the United States, Technox Machine looks forward to working with natural gas providers to optimize their infrastructure development. We are happy to bring our vast industry experience to each unique project. To learn more about how we can best meet your needs, please feel free to request a quote online.

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The Future for Plastics Looks Better Than Bright

At Technox, we’re always looking to bring our extensive milling, boring, welding, and turning capabilities to bear on the most significant global trends we can locate. For our money, the plastics processing machinery industry – both here in North America and elsewhere abroad – is one for the record books as of late. With continuous improvements being made in terms of means of production, as well as new uses and applications for plastics of all types being added each year, the plastics industry continues to flourish to capacity. By now, plastics far overshadows most other raw material rivals, including glass, wood, paper, with only metal being a prime contender. From housewares to pharmaceuticals, to say the least about electronics, packaging, automotive, and aerospace, a healthy chunk of the future belongs to plastics. The question, as always these days, remains how best to keep manufacturing it at the scope and scale of which globalization demands.

While China remains the largest plastics processing equipment manufacturer in the world (having taken the title from Germany as recently as 2009), the demand for similar machinery in America for both domestic use and for use abroad is stronger than ever. While the Great Recession knocked the wind out of much of the headway that plastics production had made throughout the early 00s, those days seem done and over. With an ever-growing demand from advanced manufacturers in North America for heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, highly tensile polymers for applications such as in aerospace and automotive, the prospects – and profitability – of American plastics manufacturing are viable as ever before.

Our track-record in making components for plastics processing equipment here at Technox is tried-and-true; our large-order delivery time nothing short of seamless and prompt. With the Big Three American automotive renaissance well under way, and Chicago’s own manufacturing base outperforming the expectations of some of this country’s most renowned economists, it seems a ripe time for those in the know to step back into the game and ramp up their plastics production. We know just the company who’d be able to help you…

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Roll on, Bulk Processing, Roll on: We Make Parts for Bulk Processing Conveyors

Chicago’s history is synonymous with manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. From Northside to Southside to outlying suburbs, the city we call home is stamped with the markings of its industrial past, present, and future. Being that we’re a Chicagoland company in every proud sense, one of the foremost things we specialize in is machining parts and components for bulk processing conveyors – a.k.a. the stoic, solid workhorses of the industrialized world. Almost every branch of manufacturing relies, at one point or another during its assembly, on an automated conveyor system. Relatively low-tech, high-volume consumer industries such as food processing, bottling, canning, and printing all require bulk processing systems, but so do the “big heavies” of modern-day industry: aerospace, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and even construction. The timely, systemized transport of components and products down a machining or assembly line allows for – quite literally – for the world to go round, at least when it comes to physical products.

With our horizontal boring and CNC boring machinery we can fabricate parts of up to 28 feet in length; we don’t have 2 CNC horizontal and 5 manual Boring Machines in-house for nothing. In addition, our CNC vertical mills have a strong, day-to-day capacity to produce large runs of critical components, anything from dial plate drums, to rings, shafts, and castlings. Finally, our CNC horizontal turning lathes can execute projects 40” in diameter, and up to 150” long. Our CNC vertical turning lathes can likewise take on the big jobs, able to swing up to 12.5 ft. in total diameter. Mass-production wasn’t something that happened overnight. It took the 20th century to perfect the art. But here and now in the 21st century, we can say with confidence that we at Technox have mastered mass-production to an art-form. We know the ins and outs of turning out the right components for whatever conveyor system you may need in your line of work. Contact us today and let us know how we can build parts for you, or answer any questions you have.

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Drought Along the Mississippi: the Need for Infrastructural Upgrades

Mississippi River BargesAnyone who lived in the Midwest throughout the summer of 2012 knows just how difficult conditions there were. The dry, hot weather during the course of a season normally punctuated by vast thunderstorms meant that river levels dipped to historic lows. Of all the rivers worst affected, the Mississippi River seems a top contender. Because of the near-record low rainfall these past few months, it might well be the case that by January of 2013 we’ll see water levels along the Mississippi River drop to around 6 feet at St. Louis, MO. In short, one of the world’s longest waterways, America’s waterborne superhighway for agriculture and commerce since time immemorial, might end up having the depth of a public swimming pool in a month or so.

From the standpoint of a Midwest company like ours, desperate action is needed – and that’s an accurate way of putting it. If the Mississippi becomes impassable to much more river traffic, the overall damage to agriculture in America’s heartland could run up in excess of $2.3 billion, as well as cost the states of Illinois and Missouri alone more than 7,500 jobs lost. These consequences can fortunately be avoided both in the short-term and in the long-term. Here’s how things could play out for the best.

Already the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has initiated a program that blasts impassable rocks out of the way so that barge and ship traffic can move effectively down the course of the river (though this hardly helps solve the problem of “traffic-jams” of boats up and down the length of the Mississippi). Finally, a long-term solution would be to upgrade the vast series of locks and dams that regulate the flow of the Mississippi as well as its tributary rivers so that water resources are better aligned towards providing a route for steady water traffic.

Being that Technox is a versatile company skilled at creating infrastructure for extensive systems ranging from oil pipelines to railroads, we see nothing standing in the way of our being of true service in the event that much-needed repairs and upgrades to dams and locks get made. Our precision-machined parts can be a vital contributor to insuring the Mississippi remains America’s greatest highway, rather than a one thousand mile long kiddie pool. Contact us at Technox today and let us help you.

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Forging the Path Ahead for the Fluid Power Industry

These days, all sorts of marketplace trends seem to be conjoining towards a robust fluid power industry. A decade ago, it seemed as though hydraulic-powered machinery was going the way of the spinning-jenny and wind-tower. But as manufacturing seeks to attain a cleaner, greener production process, hydraulic machinery is coming back in a major way – not just in North America, but across the globe in general. Hydraulic-powered machinery uses the power of fluids such as mineral oil and even water to animate the assorted hydraulic motors and cylinders involved in controlling a piece of heavy machinery. Everything from hydraulic presses in factory yards, to bulldozers and backhoes on construction sites, have long-since used hydraulic mechanical processes to operate efficiently.

Hydraulic machinery packs a devastating punch to it that allows it to accomplish some of the toughest heavy-industrial jobs out there. Furthermore, new mineral oils introduced by an array of companies make using hydraulic technology more seamless and easy than ever before. With construction back on the rise in the United States after a prolonged slump, and China’s construction machinery sector anticipated to rise six-fold in the next decade alone, it’s time to reinvestigate and reinvigorate a tried-and-true technology that will allow human beings to build better products and better buildings. Behind every successful heavy industry, we’re betting there’s a hydraulic press somewhere in the wings, and working hard. For more about what Technox can provide in terms of fluid power parts and components for your particular line of work, feel free to reach out to us on our website or via telephone today!

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