Horizontal Boring & CNC Horizontal Boring

Technox Machine & Manufacturing Inc. is an industry-leading provider of large part machining services.

Our high tech facility houses a vast array of large horizontal boring machines with a max 120″ x 152″ x 70″ work envelope and 5-axis capacity, giving us the ability to machine very complex parts at high speeds while maintaining precision ± .0005″ tolerances. With our 15-ton lifting cranes, we can also manage very large parts.

Capable of working with many different materials, from standard metals to high-performance alloys and engineering plastics, we have the skills and equipment to execute more than 16 different machining processes from boring, milling, and drilling, to more specialized threading, counterboring, pocketing, and profiling. Our quality management program focuses on systematically ensuring that our processes and products are the best they can be. Carefully controlled and supervised test and inspection procedures ensure that your requirements are met each time, every time.

The benefit of our extra-large work envelope combined with our outstanding accuracies and responsive customer service brings unmatched value to our horizontal boring services. We have been in business since 1976 and our customer base spans a diverse range of demanding industries, including oil & gas, fluid power, steel mills, and equipment and machinery builders. For more information, request a quote today.

Horizontal Boring & CNC Horizontal Boring Capabilities

Machining Processes

Boring Milling Drilling Tapping Threading Counterboring Countersinking Knurling
Broaching Pocketing Profiling Reaming Parting/Cutting Facing Gear Hobbing Spline


Manual Boring Machines CNC Horizontal Boring Centers

Machinery Axis & Spindle

Machinery Axis: 5 Spindle: 5 in

Materials (Metals)

Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass Copper Bronze
Nickel Cast Iron Inconel® Hastelloy® Plastics


Prime Painting Powder Coating
Plating Black Oxide Anodizing

Part Length, Width, Height & Weight

Part Length: Up to 120 in Part Width: Up to 152 in Part Height: Up to 70 in Part Weight: Up to 15 Ton (Crane)


± .0005 in


Hardness Dye Penetrant (Leak) Surface Finish


Inspection Reports

Additional Services

Assembly & Kitting Welding
Repair Custom Packaged

Production Volume

Prototype to Medium Runs