Oil & Pipeline

In the oil and pipeline industry, heavy component machining requires precision. For this and other large-format fabrication needs, the Chicago area relies on Technox Machine –  one of the largest machine shops in the region. We offer versatility, making us a one-stop source for all your heavy components pinning requirements.

Our specialty in heavy component machining comes from our machines; we have some of the most advanced facilities to handle highly intricate heavy components with superior accuracy.

Experts at Technox Machine are also knowledgeable about welding, grinding, and fabricating large assemblies and subassemblies, ensuring an excellent machined product with timely completion.

Heavy Component Machining for the oil and pipeline industry

The oil and pipeline industry relies on heavy components from various materials. Some include the following:

  • Metals: We specialize in machining aluminum, steel, and cast iron. Our milling and turning capabilities also extend to brass and other metals.
  • Plastics: In our plant, we have expertise in dealing with various plastics and can execute a wide range of precision machining processes.
  • Composites: We offer machining of composite materials, such as fiberglass and carbon fiber, to ensure the highest quality machined parts for your oil & pipeline needs.

We apply our expertise in heavy component machining to meet customer requirements. Our work is consistently accurate and meets the industry’s stringent performance, safety, and reliability standards.

Metal Fabrication Services for the oil and pipeline industry

We use state-of-the-art equipment to produce efficient, high-quality parts and assemblies, fully equipped to handle custom jobs and any standard-size components that you may require to complete your oil and pipeline projects.

We offer a wide range of services that can meet various needs, including:

  • Horizontal boring and CNC horizontal boring: We can handle large and small components using our horizontal boring machine. The oil and pipeline components require superior accuracy, which our CNC horizontal boring machine provides.
  • Horizontal, vertical, and CNC turning: Our turning machines can handle components up to 152′ in diameter and 240′ in length. It can precisely handle pipes that require intricate dimensions, as well as those which need larger sizes.
  • Planer milling and CNC vertical milling: Our planer milling machines are used for material removal, and our CNC vertical mills can handle components up to 113″ in length. Providing infinitely precise results, they help greatly reduce oil and pipeline production time while ensuring that all parts used meet the highest quality standards. These technologies can produce complex components with incredibly tight tolerances quickly and efficiently.
  • Large part CNC machining services: We can handle components up to 240″ in length, and our CNC machining services are an excellent solution for your large-scale projects. In the oil and pipeline industry, they may require components with complex features and intricate details.
  • Heavy component machining services: We offer milling, drilling, and grinding services for heavy components up to 15 tons in weight. The pipes used in the oil and pipeline industry require heavy component machining with precision measurements to guarantee their quality. Our CNC capabilities allow us to complete large-volume projects with various features and complex details on time.
  • Secondary Services: Our secondary services include welding services, fabrication, and assembly to support our machining services widely used in the oil and pipeline industry.

We’re a one-stop source for your oil and pipeline heavy component machining needs

When you entrust us with your oil and pipeline needs, you can trust that we’ll deliver a product of unparalleled quality that complies with industry standards and exceeds expectations. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second-to-none, so contact Technox Machine today for all your machining and fabrication needs.