Industries We Serve

Technox Machine & Manufacturing Inc. has been a mainstay in the large machining industry since its establishment over 40 years ago. We have provided countless large and small businesses with metal fabrication services that meet the highest quality standards.

With state-of-the-art facilities, highly trained staff, and expert engineering skills, Technox is committed to meeting every large machining challenge with craftsmanship and precision. Our commitment to customer service and delivery excellence makes us a reliable and trusted partner in metal fabrication projects, large and small.

Oil and Pipeline

Technox Machine provides high-quality metal fabrication services to the oil and pipeline industry. CNC turning and CNC milling services enable customers to achieve exacting shapes and sizes, while welding services ensure that components stay together reliably.

Through a combination of cutting-edge technology, skilled technicians, and quality materials, Technox has established itself as an essential partner for the oil and pipeline industry’s custom metal fabrication needs.

The industries’ reliance on CNC machining, welding, and other fabrication techniques means that high standards must be consistently met – and teams can count on Technox Machine to provide reliable, top-notch results.

Printing Equipment

Technox Machine’s machining services are an invaluable resource to the printing equipment industry. We provide an almost limitless range of CNC machining services to accurately create parts and components for printing machines.

Our secondary products ensure the production of printing parts and components using various materials such as aluminum, steel, brass, and bronze. We can also provide 3D printing services to create models for prototyping, visualizing, and testing.

Food Processing

Technox Machine proudly offers custom metal fabrication services to the food processing industry. We specialize in designing and constructing parts, components, and machinery to fit individual customer needs.

The food processing industry heavily relies on reliable and efficient machines, and Technox Machine is dedicated to providing the most precise and accurate fabrication services. Our team can create components from stainless steel, aluminum, and other food-grade materials to exact specifications.


Technox Machine provides innovative solutions to the automation sector, specializing in custom metal fabrication, CNC machining, and welding services. Our commitment to precision and quality enables us to produce components that meet the highest performance and reliability standards, enabling the automation industry to carry out its operations efficiently.

We offer various services and can cater to any automation requirement, from basic parts to complex components. Our team of engineers and technicians utilizes the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that every product meets the highest standards.


Technox Machine specializes in metal fabrication services for the packaging industry. From contract-level production to production runs, our dedicated teams of metal fabrication professionals have experience manufacturing components for cans and containers using a variety of metals, including aluminum, copper, and brass.

Our experienced machinists provide precision metal forming with manual and CNC machinery, delivering lasting quality and reliability at every stage. With a commitment to continuous innovation, we respond quickly and efficiently to keep up with customer demands in this rapidly changing industry.

As modern packaging increases in complexity, so does the need for superior materials produced by highly specialized metal processes like Technox Machine.

The industry leader in quality metal fabrication services

Technox Machine provides the best solutions to meet industry requirements. Our teams are highly skilled and passionate about innovation, and we take pride in delivering top-notch services and products.

We have the expertise and capabilities to provide custom-crafted components that meet exacting industry standards. Contact us to learn more about how our quality metal fabrication solutions can fulfill the needs of your industry.