Kitting & Assembly for Large Part Manufacturing

Technox Machine & Manufacturing is a full-service machine shop committed to delivering a broad spectrum of metal fabrication services. We offer a full portfolio of convenient services to help you improve your production efficiency, including a broad selection of secondary services that support your production order and simplify your vendor management processes. Our kitting and assembly services streamline production for large parts.


Understanding the Difference Between Kitting and Assembly

Kitting is a service that combines multiple parts into a ready-to-ship package for transfer to an end-user or assembler. Products like furniture rely on kitting to make the product assembly-ready by the end-user. Kitting makes shipping the product to the customer faster and helps manufacturers avoid missing parts and other mistakes. It also simplifies final assembly for the buyer, providing a more convenient customer experience.

Outsourcing kitting to the manufacturer helps growing businesses to avoid the costs of increased storage space and inventory management capabilities. Kitting services can also be beneficial to the assembly line. A prepared kit streamlines the assembly process while reducing packaging waste and reducing mistakes.

Assembly services combine disparate components into a finished product, ready to be shipped to the end-user. An assembly line may partially or fully assemble parts using automated equipment, manual assemblers, or some combination of both. 

Manufacturing Benefits

Kitting delivers a range of benefits to the manufacturer. It improves the efficiency of the assembly line by providing the necessary parts in an organized manner. Kitting can also reduce required storage space by consolidating multiple components into a single kit. This practice often improves inventory management by categorizing all kitted parts under a single SKU. 

When working with large parts, it’s often more affordable and convenient for the client to have the manufacturer build kits or assemblies at the production facility to minimize handling, equipment, and labor needs at the client’s facility.


Kitting and Assembly Services From Technox

At Technox, we will gladly support your production order with our in-house kitting and assembly capabilities, providing you with one-stop shopping. Thanks to our specialized focus on large parts, Technox can easily kit or assemble large parts that would prove difficult for our clients and many other providers to handle.

Industries Served

Technox serves numerous industries with our kitting and assembly services. We have created kits and assemblies for:

Construction Equipment
Construction equipment
Plastic Processing Machines
Plastic processing machines
Fluid Power
Fluid power
Steel Processing
Steel processing
Conveying Bulk Processing
Conveying bulk processing
Packaging Machinery
Packaging machinery
Printing Equipment
Printing equipment
Oil & Pipeline Equipment
Oil & pipeline equipment
Food Processing Machinery
Food processing machinery
Automation Solutions
Automation solutions

Technox, Your Trusted Full-Service Machine Shop

Technox is an industry leader in large part manufacturing. In business since 1976, we are one of the largest full-service machine shops in the Chicago Area. We offer turnkey solutions for businesses of all sizes and possess machining and assembly capabilities for metals, plastic, textiles, and other materials. Our welders are AWS-certified to deliver high-quality metal fabrication, and our facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified and OSHA compliant to provide a range of services.

To see how our kitting, assembly, or manufacturing services can benefit your project, please contact us or request a quote today.