Secondary Services

Technox Machine & Manufacturing, Inc. is a full-service machine shop geared towards providing our customers with a diverse range of secondary services to support their part production and maintenance requirements.

We have in-depth experience for assembling and repairing components such as bushings, bearings, and bearing housings, and employ a team of expert welders capable of both MIG and TIG welding of aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel as part of an original assembly project or to make repairs to existing components. Our repair technicians will tear down, clean, and evaluate your components, replace wear parts, reassemble, and return to you in like-new condition.

Our 100-400 ton hydraulic presses are capable of fast, accurate, and repeatable straightening of raw or worked materials, and we offer both glass bead and steel shot blasting as a method for cleaning, strengthening, and/or polishing. We offer a range of controlled heat treating options for delivering your components with the specified metallurgical properties, and also offer flame hardening as a means for treating localized areas for selective hardening.

Our overall mission is to provide our customers with convenience, efficiency, and the favorable pricing associated with using a single vendor. We deliver the perfect blend of quality, service, delivery, and price, and this winning combination serves the needs of many returning customers.

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Secondary Capabilities

Secondary Services

Flame Hardening
Shot Blasting
Saw Cutting

Components Assembled

Bearing Housings

Welding Types


Repair Process

Replace Wear Parts

Press Capacity

100 to 400 tons

Heat Treating

Quench and Temper
Stress Relieving

Blasting Media

Steel Shot
Glass Bead

Welding Materials

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel

Lifting Capacity

Up to 15 ton


Dye Penetrant (Leak)
Surface Finish


Inspection Reports

Production Volume

Prototype to Medium Runs