Quality Control

Technox Machine’s manufacturing services undergo a stringent quality control system. Quality is imperative for all manufactured goods, as it helps us drive success to our client’s projects. Furthermore, high-quality outcomes allow us to improve your bottom line, bringing efficiency to your operations.

Through our quality control efforts, such as our CMM inspection services, we can provide consistent results that are second to none. Know more about our quality control services below.

How We Set Our Quality Standards

We set our standards by working in conformance with ISO 9001:2015, having been audited as a full-service machine shop that specializes in large-scale metalworking operations. Besides being ISO-certified, we utilize the most innovative industrial tools that measure the dimensional accuracy of our finished products, also known as CMM.

Let’s get to know both elements of quality control and why they are important to us and our clients. 

CMM by Technox Machine

Coordinate Measuring Machines or CMM, are industrial tools employed to measure the geometry or dimensions of a finished part or component. A CMM inspection entails testing the objects to know whether it respects the original design intent.

Various CMM measurement tools are integrated into every quality control workflow to measure the manufactured components. This resolves or prevents quality issues before the parts go to another manufacturing phase or are assembled into a finished product.

Types of CMM Tools

Currently, there are six distinct CMM types with various mechanisms used to measure an object’s X-, Y-, and Z-axis. These CMMs are as follows:

  • Bridge CMM: As one of the most accurate CMM, these are equipped with probing and scanning systems to detect points on an object’s surface in the X, Y, and Z axis. The points illustrate the area users want to inspect, making it an exceptional measuring tool for small or medium-sized parts with high tolerances.
  • Gantry CMM: Gantry CMMS is larger than Bridge CMMs, but larger. Therefore, lifting a heavy part on a table is unnecessary. Instead, the object is brought to the Gantry CMM for easier measurement. It also has the same accuracy levels as Bridge CMMs.
  • Cantilever CMM: The measuring head of Cantilever CMMs is attached to only one side of a base. However, it does have open access for easy inspection on all three sides.
  • Horizontal arm CMM: As the name implies, these CMM tools have horizontally mounted probes instead of the usual vertically mounted ones found in other CMMs. These are excellent for measuring long and thin components, which are often difficult to measure or inspect using vertical CMMs. There are two types of horizontal arm CMMs: plate- and runway-mounted.
  • Portable measuring arm CMM: These types of CMMs allow for quicker and faster results. Measurements can be taken directly from the shop floor, allowing for real-time analysis. Technicians utilize a portable arm with a six- or seven-axis system, ideal for analyzing parts still integrated into a fixture.
  • Optical CMM: These non-contact CMMs are portable and lightweight. It also doesn’t use a movable arm to measure a system. Instead, it employs visual triangulation methods to acquire an object’s 3D measurements through scanning. Although these are known to have low accuracy, they still provide accurate results on a wide range of applications. These are best used with traditional CMMs during the manufacturing procedure to identify and free up bottlenecks in production.

What Makes CMM Tools Highly Beneficial?

Our CMM inspection service is highly recommended for every project due to its numerous advantages. Even though these are not the only tools used for inspection, they offer the highest accuracy, versatility, and speed.

Speed is the main focus, as most manufacturers face pressure to deliver on time. CMMs also allow them to accelerate their production methods and prevent cycle times from being extended.

Other benefits of CMM inspection include:

  • Quality assurance: Most CMM tools offer other capabilities besides dimensional analysis. Examples are CAD comparisons and reverse engineers, essential in quality assurance.
  • Less operator involvement: CMM tools are computer-controlled, which means it doesn’t need constant involvement by an operator.
  • Versatile: Its versatility means these industrial tools are compatible with any component since it has multiple techniques and probing systems.
  • Save time and money: Cut down costs caused by errors in the production cycle by determining the stoppages and how they can be solved. It effectively prevents downtime and ensures you stick to your schedule.

These are just some advantages CMM inspection can bring to your projects. We take pride in our quality control procedures and are determined to provide the best results for our clients to ensure they choose us time and time again.

What It Means to Work with an ISO-Certified Manufacturer

Technox Machine undergoes regular auditing by trained professionals to guarantee that our services meet the international standards set by the International Organization for Standardization. Our operations ranging from design, testing, calibration, and manufacturing are adequately maintained to demonstrate our commitment to the system.

Being an ISO-certified company means we adhere to all industry standards, and we’re serious and dedicated to complying with the evolving requirements. Therefore, our clients can trust us to provide industry-standard outputs on time, avoiding delays or downtime.

Effective Quality Control System by Technox Machine

We understand that quality is crucial to any manufacturing and machining operation. Thankfully, our comprehensive Quality Control System enables us to evaluate any possible problems before it reaches the subsequent manufacturing phases. Therefore, ensuring they match the original design plans.

Other benefits of a quality control system:

  • Consistent quality products
  • Secure customer satisfaction
  • Reduce any waste by using intelligently using all resources
  • Increase efficiency and profits for the client

With the help of our quality control system, our clients are guaranteed that every service provided meets their project requirements. They can leave all the dirty work to us, so they can focus on running their business.

Importance of a Foolproof Quality Control System

Quality control is applied throughout our manufacturing capabilities, and its importance is more than meeting customer expectations. Quality Control is used to maintain the accuracy of production and the product itself.

Below are reasons why quality control is paramount in every manufacturing procedure:

  • Keep quality in mind: Our trained machinists and operators are encouraged to maintain quality – from the start of the manufacturing process to the delivery of the finished product.
  • Optimize production costs: We can correct problems through quality control, lowering or cutting production costs.
  • Establish reputation: We have established our reputation as a company that can meet an organization’s requirements to satisfy our client’s needs.
  • Streamline production methods: Improved methods and designs are achieved as processes are streamlined for higher productivity.
  • Practical application of resources: Resources are utilized effectively since product and material waste are reduced while efficiencies are improved.

Through quality control, we have made a mark in the manufacturing industry as one of the most respected manufacturers. No matter the capability, we’re fully prepared to handle it with the superior quality that our clients have come to expect. 

Trust Technox Machine to Consistently Deliver Unrivaled Quality

We’re industry experts that excel in quality assurance. With our quality control system and the CMM measurement tools we utilize to maintain consistent results, we have become a go-to manufacturing company specializing in large-scale components.

Please get in touch with us today if you want to know more about our quality standards. Request a quote if you plan on working with us, and we’ll send you some proof of our finished products to show you just how much value we can offer.